Wednesday, January 16, 2019

UN Global Goal Conference

 Change the Way…

On January 10th our class went to a global goal conference to learn more deeply about all the 17 sustainable development goals. The main thing that stood out in the opening was that the Mohawk elder was speaking in his original language (Mohawk) and also in English. I found that interesting because I know that it’s important to remember your home language. The elder was super inspirational because he was talking about animals and the land and how we have to respect the land, like the dish with one spoon treaty.

It felt quite good for people to be coming around and admiring all of our work. We had many things on display including our info graphics, the focus on nature pictures, residential school art, and we also had pictures of us. I felt very proud having all these people being able to look at our work. My favourite part was working on the info graphics because I took a lot of time trying to figure out what would look the best and how it would all layout and in the end, I loved how it had turned out.

Another thing I really liked about the conference was the speeches my favourite speech was the DJ who was talking about leadership. I felt that he was really talking to the audience and not just talking. What i mean by that is that he was super engaging in the conversation and he really listened to everyone and made the audience apart of the speech. The main quote that really stuck with me was "True leadership is choosing courage over fear" That really meant a lot to me because normally when someone thinks of leadership they think of leading a group or an activity, but Juan really taught us that that wasn't the case. He told us many stories about his life and included a lot of humor while talking. I liked how he was passionate about certain topics and stuck to his passion.

I enjoyed everything but mainly just going around and looking at all the different booths. They were all very unique and all had very cool ideas.  My favourite booth was the STEM trivia because we got to learn so much about the ecosystem while having fun. I also thought the event was run very well. It was very organized and went very smoothly. I really liked how there were many things to do at once. You could walk around and check out all the booths, you could go do an activity or you could listen to a speech. Overall I thought they did an amazing job with the event.

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  1. Really valuable reflections Rimsha. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It was such a great day.